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Adorn Your World With Afrosol.

We Are Afrosol
Afrosol Vision - Orange & Balck

Uniquely South African

Afrosol blends Craft, Design and Functionality for a uniquely South African product. Our handmade parasols have been tested over 4 years and are strong, durable and sturdy, even in windy conditions. So practical!

Afrosol Vision - Yellow & White

Creative, Eco-Aware & Community Based

On the creative front, we see Afrosol as a new canvas, splashed with the genius of many artists. It’s possible to hand paint, silk screen and digitally print fabrics. It’s important to us to be eco-conscious and we love working with Bamboo (what an incredible material, with so many  applications. Did you know: Bamboo was the only plant to survive Hiroshima!) We are keen to uplift artisans and have a positive affect on our communities.

Afrosol Vision - Red

The Genius Of Many

Together we are magnificently creative! We enjoy collaboration and working as a team. We acknowledge that Afrosol is what it is because of the input of many awesome people. We celebrate all the flavours of our multi-cultural team.

Our Afrosol Vision

What We Do

We make Handmade African Parasols, which means you can enjoy the sun while keeping your cool. Our parasols are made with Bamboo, Wire & Fabric. There’s an Afrosol for everyone. Textile options are endless so you can Express Your Unique Style.

How We Do It

With our fabulous fabrics, bamboo and wire, we constantly dream up new creations. We join and develop Community Craft Projects and workshops. As we’ve grown, many craftspeople have added their own unique talent. We encourage each other’s inspiration, so every parasol radiates passion and skill.

Make It Yours

We can Custom make your Afrosol with your choice of fabric (medium weight and non-stretch) You could even add beads and feathers, or a bit more craziness for an outdoor festival. Maybe you want to  make a matching set for your friends or bridesmaids. The sky is truly the limit!

Make It Special

We can custom make your Afrosol with any non-stretch, medium weight fabric. We can source fabrics to suit your needs/ inspirations or you can send us the fabric. We need 2m x 1,5m per Afrosol.

Its also possible to print fabric which means you can brand/ create any Afrosol creation under the sun. Take a peek at our custom artwork at  The One Love Studio.

Afrosol can help make your Special  Occasion a  dream. From Bridal Group parasols to complete sets for Wedding Parties. We also make branded pieces for Events. Let’s Collaborate!

Contact Us  for Special Occasion  & Wholesale Orders.

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